Connecting parents with the classroom...

In the age of information, it has become the norm for parents to want to see relevant, interesting news and activities, focused on their child's experiences, in a visually appealing format, on whatever device they are currently holding.

With ePublisher, your school will get a purpose-built, extremely user-friendly parent communication platform with all the features and support in one place.


Why choose ePublisher?

It is Australia's leading communication platform to create and send beautiful, engaging school enewsletters, eSign digital forms, surveys, calendars and messages. All without needing any specialised technical knowledge.

Schools' typical ePublisher workflow:
  • Key staff members from around the school log into one online system from anywhere (home or school).
  • They create engaging, visually interesting content, easily.
  • They submit their articles to the newsletter coordinator at the school for approval (and any corrections).
  • The coordinator publishes the available articles collectively as a newsletter issue and/or individually to other mediums such as social media or websites.
  • Newsletter templates are state of the art and fully responsive. (Auto adjusts to any screensize, in realtime)

Our promise

We guarantee market leading value, genuine time saving for your staff and a beautiful final product that your school community will love.

ePublisher is used & trusted by hundreds of schools around Australia on a daily basis and it is important to us that you are well informed when making your decision. We welcome all enquiries and our demos are obligation free.

We love our customers.

here’s what they say about us..

What you get

We offer full platform access (all standard features) & support to every school (big or small) regardless of their funding capacity. We believe many schools simply wouldn't be able to reap the benefits of modern digital communications otherwise. As parents of young children ourselves, we realise the value of being able to witness their growth & activities at school via videos, photo galleries on any device available to us conveniently.

Unlimited contributor accounts

Every teacher (and even authorised student leaders) at your school can contribute interesting content directly from the classroom. Get those roving reporters on the case!

Unlimited Photos

Easily add school photos and generate stunning photo galleries in two clicks. Your photos will be automatically re-sized as you upload them to your chosen gallery. watch

Unlimited Videos

You can capture videos with any device and upload them directly in to newsletter articles, without having to create external accounts with Youtube or any other third party video sites.

Amazing online Text Editor

You'll love our our purpose built, popular text editor. You can copy/paste text from anywhere and the editor will auto format it for you. Also embed images in your text blocks easily by choosing automated image layout options. No more messing with Word files, image resizing etc. watch

One admin + Multiple Power Users

All the admin/leadership team can work on the platform at the same time – creating content, proofing and editing. more

eNews Administrators
Published (LIVE) articles and issues are editable by administrators. This is great when urgent amendments are needed for published material that is already in circulation.
24hr access to our online platform

All users can logon to the ePublisher platform anywhere, anytime. Yes, you can even edit published content after the fact

Guaranteed 4 hour delivery.

We will deploy your finished newsletter to the parents, within 4 working hours. Guaranteed! Otherwise, your team can deploy the newsletter themselves, immediately.

Multiple customised templates

Create separate eNews templates for different groups. Your P&C, Staff and Parent newsletters can each have their own customised style & look. Our newsletter templates are state of the art and fully responsive to all target screen sizes.

Instant eflash messaging

Quick messages delivered directly to parents, without delay. more

Reach families instantly with eFlash
  1. Last minute reminders.
  2. Cancelled events notifications
  3. School wide updates.
  4. Cheaper than an SMS (it's free!).
  5. Incredibly responsive on any device.
  6. Re-post messages to Facebook with one click.
Live Social Media Feeds

If you prefer, you can embed your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a handy widget in the newsletter template.

Multiple subscriber lists

Need to send some information to the parents of a specific year level? No worries! You can have different subscriber lists for all sorts of groups – various classes, staff, community…

Unlimited Parent Surveys

Don’t rely on gut feelings to make important school decisions. You can easily collect parent feedback and data to develop decisions based on analysed results…

Share content to school's Facebook page

Do you often publish the same content on the newsletter & school's Facebook page separately? No more! Share content from ePublisher with one click. more

Share content to school's Facebook page
eNews admins can avoid double handling of posts! You can integrate your school's Facebook page with ePublisher in a few seconds and easily start posting your articles, issues & even eFlash messages directly to Facebook with one click. All without leaving ePublisher.
Unlimited Polls

Enable parents to quickly vote on important topics by including a Poll in the content of your newsletter.

Unlimited Events and Ticketing

A stress-free way to create, coordinate and promote school events.

Unlimited Calendars

Create sharable (multiple) calendars to keep parents up to date about school happenings.

Introducing eSign Digital Forms

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures simplified.

eSign Digital Forms is an innovative way for schools to provide an easy, convenient way to send electronic forms or documents, collect parent signatures on any device, store and download trackable responses in PDF format. You can use eSign to collect electronic signatures for virtually any type of document in minutes.

Customisable & Responsive

Our newsletter templates are fully customisable. Meaning, every menu item, theme accent colours, header image, widgets (small containers on right) are customisable according to your school's needs. To top it off, the template will auto adapt itself based on the viewing screen size.

How to start

Implementing ePublisher at your school is fast and painless. If you’re curious to see it in action, we are happy to arrange an obligation free demo for you.

Step 01

  • Send us an enquiry, using this form.
  • We will respond within the next business day via email or phone.

Step 02

  • Arrange a demo
  • Select a plan.
  • Make it official, submit order.
  • We will send a confirmation.

Step 03

  • Discuss header design requirements.
  • Header design approval.
  • Template customisation requirements.

Step 04

  • Select a training window.
  • Start creating content.
  • Create your first issue.
  • Publish via email & other channels.


Newsletters Annually


Total Articles


eFlashes Annually


Active School Users

Flexible pricing

Choose a plan that best suits your school. All standard features are included in every plan. Price variations are only based on the newsletter usage frequency.

Note: Prices are shown here in Australian Dollars (AUD). For all other countries we provide costings in US Dollars (USD).


only to Australian schools

$ 480 .00 /yr

All standard features offered. Subsidised by local businesses through paid advertising on the newsletter.

Annual fee $480

Although you're welcome to provide us any suitable leads for businesses in the area, we generally look after the complete ad sourcing process for you.


Available worldwide.

$ 169 .00 /mth

All standard features available. You can publish up to a maximum of 12 newsletter issues per year. No ads shown.

One off setup fee $480

Additional Options

Order additional custom template designs: $45 each

Order professionally designed & printed paper newsletter covers: Contact us for a custom quote. (Australian schools only)


Available worldwide.

$ 219 .00 /mth

All standard features available. You can publish up to a maximum of 26 newsletter issues per year. No ads shown.

One off setup fee $480

Additional Options

Order additional custom template designs: $45 each

Order professionally designed & printed paper newsletter covers: Contact us for a custom quote. (Australian schools only)


Available worldwide.

$ 299 .00 /mth

All standard features available. You can publish up to a maximum of 52 newsletter issues per year. No ads shown.

One off setup fee $480

Additional Options

Order additional custom template designs: $45 each

Order professionally designed & printed paper newsletter covers: Contact us for a custom quote. (Australian schools only)

Fundraising Model (popular)

Available worldwide.

Any one of the paid plans + $500 per set of ads

Our fundraising model allows you to use our ad enabled template and raise additional funds for your school's building fund or parent's association by securing local businesses & organisations to advertise on your newsletter. You simply choose one of our paid plans (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) and keep 100% of the ad revenue yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get.
No. ePublisher is an online platform, accessible over the internet. All you need is just one of these web browsers to be available on your computer. Microsoft Chromium Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
From our end, we can get you up and running in just a few days. However, the actual time in your case will depend on a few things. i) Timely receipt of your official order. ii) Timely supply of images, logos required for the header design iii) When you can give us a time slot for admin training (usually 90 mins). and iv) How quickly you can decide on the custom menu items on the template.
Yes, absolutely. You can request to get your front office staff (1 or more) trained on the platform first, to get things going fast. Then later you can start introducing other staff members as contributors.
Whilst ePublisher by design is very user friendly, we take pride in our on going support system to assist you any way we can. This includes a comprehensive, plain english online knowledgebase 24/7, Live Chat functionality within the platform, Fast email support & also one on one phone support during work hours. You can meet our support team here.
We have flexible plans designed to suit every school's budget. Also in the order form you will see exactly what your absolute final cost will be (prior to submission).

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